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New university research

Published:  07 March, 2016

Malvern_Instruments.jpgResearchers at The Institute of Petroleum Engineering at TU Clausthal in Germany are being supported by Malvern Instruments in new work to understand and optimise the performance of Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) fluids.

The polymeric solutions used for EOR exemplify the fluids used in a range of drilling applications to maximise oil extraction while at the same time safeguarding geological formations. EOR involves injecting a solution into the porous rock surrounding a well and can boost the amount of oil extracted by up to 20%. The new research is reported to demonstrate the ability of the Kinexus rheometer from Malvern to measure the viscous (liquid-like) and elastic (solid-like) responses of EOR fluids in order to characterise and predict how they will perform under the conditions likely to be encountered during use.

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