Published:  11 July, 2019

Subsea pipelines are vital for the oil and gas business, and so their maintenance should be a top priority. Maintaining these important networks not only fall in line with the necessary safety regulations, but also with legal compliance. Businesses in this sector must have the correct flow assurance technology in place in order to monitor pipeline integrity and seek out any potential issues quickly. Not only must the process be highly accurate, it must also operate with minimal impact on operating pipelines.

Published:  12 April, 2019

Forum Subsea Technologies has launched the latest version of its VMAX simulator to integrate with its next generation of electric remotely operated vehicles (eROV).

Published:  04 April, 2019

Cutting-edge solutions for high-integrity sealing applications developed by Trelleborg Sealing Solutions were recently showcased at Subsea Expo in Aberdeen (5 to 7 February), the annual subsea exhibition and conference.

Published:  24 January, 2019

Hydraulic cutters and systems specialist, Webtool, reports it is exhibiting the latest developments in its industry-leading ROV electric cutters, cable retrieval and pipeline decommissioning tools on stand 124 at Subsea Expo 2019, 5-7 February, Aberdeen. Webtool integrated cutters also featured include IWOCS emergency disconnection and emergency deck cutters.

Published:  11 January, 2019

Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (NORM) and Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) need a considerable amount of time and resources spent on them when it comes to their transportation. A failure to provide either can result in a far more expensive decommissioning and transporting process from NORM and TENORM — a cost felt both in time and money. Consulting experts at the beginning of the process is invaluable to the planning process, and can also help secure large savings.

Published:  19 December, 2018

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions worked in partnership with LB Bentley, a specialist in creating small bore subsea valves for subsea applications, to support the company in its development of its medium duty rotary gate valve.

Published:  16 November, 2018

JFD, a leading underwater capability provider serving the commercial and defence markets and part of James Fisher and Sons plc, reports it has successfully completed mating trails with its Lloyd’s classed portable Hyperbaric Rescue Facility (HRF) with Boskalis DSV BOKA Atlantis. The mating trials with the HRF and two Self-propelled Hyperbaric Lifeboats (SPHLs) were completed, as planned, in a period of 11 hours with no complications, representing a significant advancement for hyperbaric rescue.

Published:  16 November, 2018

Well construction specialist, DeltaTek Global, has announced the inaugural deployment of its SeaCure technology.

Published:  01 August, 2018

Trelleborg’ reports its offshore facility based in Skelmersdale,  broke ground on its new 630m² / 2,066ft² testing facility that will house two state-of-the-art hyperbaric test chambers. The new equipment will be able to simulate extreme deepwater pressure conditions, enabling accurate testing of subsea and drilling equipment.

Published:  18 July, 2018

Published:  13 July, 2018

Published:  10 May, 2018

New clamp technology has been developed by RED Engineering to improve subsea well intervention operations.

Published:  18 April, 2018

A result of the technological revolution, our society is now more interconnected than ever before. However, despite our dependence on gadgets, glitches still occur and technology can fail us from time-to-time. While the most we have to deal with is a smashed smartphone screen or an unresponsive laptop, what happens if the problem is located deep on the ocean floor?

Published:  09 February, 2018

Published:  31 August, 2017

A North East global supplier of fabrication and engineering services reports it has successfully fabricated and installed - in only 11 weeks - a 700Te carousel which will be used for the storage of spare cables for UK offshore windfarm projects.

Published:  06 July, 2017

Unprecedented savings are reported to have been won by Australia’s innovative subsea services company, Dive Works, for its oil and gas clients through the imaginative deployment of its Saab Seaeye Leopard electric robotic vehicle.

Published:  08 June, 2017

A recent study shows new installation and maintenance technology will help industry go farther and deeper without jack-ups and reports a revolutionary new approach to offshore wind turbine installation and maintenance could cut the cost of energy from future deepwater sites by around 9%.

Published:  18 May, 2017

Ace Winches, a leading global deck machinery specialist, reports it has successfully delivered and engineered a back deck solution for Saipem. Working to a tight deadline of three and half weeks, ACE Winches says it worked in conjunction with Scantrol AS to supply a deck machinery solution which included an Active Heave Compensation winch and A-frame solution that will be used as an auxiliary deep water deployment system for subsea equipment.

Published:  30 March, 2017

Senior figures from Mexico’s national oil company, Pemex, have been discovering the secrets of the UK subsea sector’s success and how it has revolutionised the way in which hydrocarbons have been extracted from beneath the seabed during a fact-finding visit to Aberdeen.

Published:  09 March, 2017

Global Marine Systems, a leader in subsea cable systems design, installation and maintenance, has announced the addition of the 6,200 ton cable deadweight CS Recorder to its existing fleet of vessels.

Published:  24 January, 2017

Saab Seaeye says electric robotic systems will perform all tasks in the underwater domain, including those now undertaken by hydraulic systems.

Published:  17 November, 2016

VIPER_subsea-105.jpgViper Subsea, a subsea engineering company that provides consultancy and develops products for the oil and gas sector worldwide, says it is preparing to diversify and grow its business by transferring its award-winning technology into new markets.

Published:  17 November, 2016

IMG_3636.jpgJames Fisher Subsea (JF Subsea), a leading subsea services division of James Fisher Marine Services (JFMS), reports it has reduced inspection downtime to 2% for Shell UK, through the innovative use of asset-based remotely operated vehicles (ABROVs) on oil rig inspection programmes in the North Sea.

Published:  27 September, 2016

Dual-Barrier-HPHT-riser-system.jpgAquaterra Energy and Plexus Holdings have announced they have developed a light weight, dual barrier HPHT riser system which can be deployed by a jack-up to enable a viable and cost-efficient alternative to semi-submersible installation for HPHT well operations.

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