Published:  18 July, 2019

OGUK and Step Change in Safety have announced the finalists for this year's Awards.

Published:  10 July, 2019

Published:  28 June, 2019

Published:  24 May, 2019

Published:  16 May, 2019

A competitive and reliable energy deal is vital for running a successful business. It helps keep overheads low while productivity is high, which creates a profitable business. But with the UK (potentially) eventually leaving the European Union, what concerns are there to be had over energy supplies for UK businesses? After all, the UK has become very reliant on the energy being imported from abroad, including EU countries such as The Netherlands and France.

Published:  24 April, 2019

Published:  18 April, 2019

Petrol is an expense which many people must factor in to their weekly budgets, and the fuel industry has maintained a constant upward gradient as the car market continues to grow.

Published:  12 April, 2019

Published:  04 April, 2019

Published:  27 March, 2019

Published:  21 March, 2019

Published:  20 March, 2019

Published:  08 March, 2019

Airborne Oil & Gas says its  TCP Jumper is breaking through in deepwater applications around the world, where it is now  expanding its track record into West Africa, following successful projects in the North Sea, Gulf of Mexico and Asia. The Thermoplastic Composite Pipe is a disruptive new technology that provides huge benefits in the application of well jumper, where the flexible TCP Jumper can be easily transported and installed subsea. The main benefits to a project are:

Published:  06 March, 2019

Peter Brotherhood, part of Avingtrans PLC, reports it has secured an order to supply steam turbines for a floating production vessel. As part of the deal, which is worth in excess of £10 million and is expected to be delivered during 2020, the business has also secured an option to provide a similar set of turbines for a yet-to-be-confirmed, potential future vessel.

Published:  28 February, 2019

Published:  22 February, 2019

Published:  20 February, 2019

Published:  12 February, 2019

Published:  01 February, 2019

Saab Seaeye,  manufacturer of electric underwater robotic vehicles has announced it is expanding its business operations with the appointment of Ryan Lumsden as business development manager.

Published:  03 January, 2019

Published:  19 December, 2018

Published:  07 December, 2018

Published:  07 September, 2018

Alpha Process Controls reports it has achieved a globally-recognised standard for its Marine Emergency Release Coupling, which demonstrates the safety-integrity and reliability of the technology.

Published:  27 July, 2018

Planet Earth is made up of 71% oceans. NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center estimate that to be 321,003,271 cubic miles of water within these vast areas.

Published:  29 June, 2018

Published:  18 May, 2018

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