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Handling hazardous waste as a business

Published:  08 August, 2018

Reconomy says when dealing with hazardous waste in your business, no matter the type, then it’s important that you implement an effective waste management plan to tackle any problems that could occur and can cause unpleasant damage to your company. It’s recommended that all companies avoid this, especially when the waste can be harmful to the environment as well as its employees.

It’s often assumed that hazardous waste comes in gas form, which is far from the truth. Hazardous waste can be displayed in many forms, ranging from liquids, gases, solids and sludges, and this can often lead to groundwater and surface contamination. The British government have given strict guidance on how businesses should be handling this issue. Together, with Reconomy – providers of skip hire – this guide will ensure that you’re managing these types wastes appropriately.

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