The importance of an effective waste management solution

Published:  22 November, 2018

Waste management can always be a challenge for businesses, no matter if you are a new business owner or an experienced one.

Waste that’s thrown away by businesses can accumulate the cost of 4.5% of a company’s turnover according to CIPS, and in some extreme cases, can accumulate 10% of a business’s gross profit.

If a business hasn’t implemented an appropriate way to dispose of its waste, then these costs can impact on it. With rising landfill taxes, as well as recycling and sustainability becoming a main concern within ethical business principles, creating a reliable waste management solution is more important than ever for any forward-thinking business that is looking to make a change.

Together with providers of 8 yard skips and outsourced waste solutions Reconomy,  the release below advises on how a business can dispose of its waste properly, and how to put in place an effective waste management strategy that can save money.

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