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The Financial Impact of Machine Downtown on a UK business

Published:  21 May, 2019

Businesses across the UK can receive a major impact if a machine were to break down. If the right preparations aren’t implemented, technical disturbances to appliances can have a significant detrimental impact on the productivity and profit margin of a business. A field service management firm called Oneserve had commissioned a study, with the collaboration of UK manufacturers; machine downtime costs the UK approximately £18 billion a year.

If this figure was reduced, then it could boost the British economy significantly which couldn’t come at such a crucial time as the nation’s industry is combating Brexit uncertainties. But what is the true impact of machine downtime in UK industry and what solutions are available?

Simple services, such as industrial pump repairs, can educate you to internal issues that could have otherwise sparked lengthy machine downtime if not noticed. Adopt a preventative maintenance mindset and check your machines and computers for viruses, glitches, and inefficient parts that could cause a companywide cessation of work.

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