Mobile test cell unit

Published:  03 August, 2016

Boldman_CAD_image_mobile_cell.jpgModular aluminium profile manufacturer Boldman reports it has developed a mobile ballistic test cell to increase efficiency and reduce costs in oil and gas industry testing. The company says the cell uses a lot of the innovations that are used in Boldman’s existing large fixed cells, but has the added benefit of being movable, which many clients demanded as their testing locations were not always permanent.

The maximum size the of the high pressure test cell is 6m by 6m by 4m high and it will be used to test small assemblies up to 30,000psi. The ballistic glass test cells are manufactured from Boldman’s aluminium profile system and specially manufactured safety glass, giving 360° visibility when testing oil and gas equipment. This visibility means companies testing their equipment can invite their customers to view their equipment live whilst it is under test. Boldman says the new design means that the test cell can be moved by castors attached to the individual panels or transported via crane across the workshops. The test cells are used by some of the largest oil and gas developers in offshore engineering, the high-pressure test cells are used around the world for testing offshore components under simulated extreme conditions. Boldman says the new cell technology is seen as a replacement for its heavy steel predecessor both because of vastly improved visibility and its modularity making it is easy to ship and install on-site.

Boldman Ltd

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