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Lubrication solutions

Published:  14 September, 2016

Ship_Image_2_Winches.jpgIn the marine, oil and gas sectors, components have to withstand harsh conditions and have to work effectively to reduce downtime and save costs. One aspect which can help to ensure this, is the use of the right lubricant. Klüber Lubrication says its speciality lubricants help to maximise the output of equipment and critical assets whether floating or fixed.

Acknowledged as a global market leader, Klüber Lubrication says it is a trusted partner of marine, oil and gas operators’ worldwide and meets approval for use by leading original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). Klüber Lubrication says with a portfolio of over 2,500 speciality lubricants designed to perform in the harsh conditions of the oil and gas environment - especially offshore – the company has for over 85 years continually provided greater product durability, delivered higher energy efficiencies and is increasingly called upon to solve the most challenging lubrication problems of modern-day equipment when traditional solutions fail.

Klüber Lubrication 

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