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Low flow meters

Published:  22 January, 2015

UK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter reports it has shipped two highly customised flow meters via its Korean distributor for use on the Valemon gas and condensate field recently brought online in the North Sea by Statoil.

One is a large V125 positive displacement flowmeter, the other a small LF05 VFF meter. The order was placed for each meter to be built to a degree of customisation that could not be matched by other suppliers working on the topside element of the project, which was constructed in South Korea. The order required meters to cover two completely different pressure and flow ratings. The V125 meter was designed to measure the discharge of monoethylene glycol (MEG) at the wellhead pump while the LF05 was designed to monitor the flow of sodium hypochlorite.

Litre Meter + 44(0)01296 670999

Click here for the full version of the release as provided by the company

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