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Greater choice delivers increased efficiencies

Published:  15 March, 2016

litre_meter.jpgUK flowmeter specialist Litre Meter says it has long recognised the need for bespoke solutions for specific flow application requirements. Fluids differ in viscosities and in their chemical and physical properties. Flow rates and materials also vary. In order to deliver solutions, it has been necessary to design and customise flowmeters for each application – until now.

In order to respond quickly to requests for flowmeter solutions Litre Meter says it now keeps in stock design drawings for 115,000 different VFF flowmeter configurations and says the sheer range of choice has effectively designed-out the need for customisation. The company says using pre-existing drawings means that meters are built and delivered more quickly with increased efficiencies for the customer and also lead times are greatly reduced and customers can bring their projects to fruition and get them commissioned and online quickly to minimise delay and maximise production – and therefore profits.

Litre Meter says it has created a dedicated program that enables Litre Meter distributors and application engineers to select and configure flowmeter solutions using all the options available to them.

Litre Meter

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