Fini direct-drive compressors: the compact solution to higher air demand

Published:  22 February, 2023

FPS Air Compressors has announced it is releasing the range of Fini direct-drive compressors into the UK. Comprising MiniCUBE and CUBE models, the former is said to be the most compact solution in its market segment and comes as a single-phase solution if preferred in the 2.2kW model. Where higher air requirements are necessary, the CUBE is available in models up to 7.5 kW, providing a direct replacement for a piston compressor while producing 30-35% more output.

The company says small in size, but big in benefits, the MiniCUBE delivers compressed air for pneumatic devices that include air tools, spray paint guns, production machinery and packaging systems, to list but a few. The unique 1:1 direct drive means no belts, gears, pulleys or couplings, avoiding tension or misalignment issues. The upshot is reduced maintenance and noise emissions, alongside high levels of energy efficiency and safety.

Suitable for continuous use, the reliable MiniCUBE offers all the power of a screw compressor in either three-phase (400 V) or single-phase (240 V) variants, where the former features an IE3 energy efficiency class motor. Providing simple and reliable operation in a footprint of less than 1m3, the unit is exceptionally quiet, allowing its placement near any operating environment. Notably, this oil-lubricated coaxial compressor is available at low investment cost, despite the inclusion of features like a shock-resistant thermoformed protective cover, intake regulator and ‘LOGIN Basic’ multi-function controller.

The MiniCUBE’s user-friendly LOGIN Basic controller measures and displays system status, operating temperature, operating pressure, total working hours, load hours and remaining hours until maintenance. It also facilitates alarm management with a dedicated display, and integrated digital phase sequence control.

Available in floor-mounted, powder coated tank and galvanised tank models, the MiniCUBE is a 2.2 kW compressor that delivers either 261 or 292 l/min air outflow rates.

For higher air demands, the larger capacity CUBE range comes in models up to 7.5 kW and just like the MiniCUBE, the oil-injected rotary screw CUBE compressor, is quiet, compact, energy-efficient and extremely reliable. Again offering the benefits of direct-drive transmission, it houses all the same features, alongside an ETMII controller with backlit multi-function display. Notable control features include four maintenance timers (air filter, oil, oil filter and separator filter), programmable cooling fan temperature and programmable remote control starting.

The heavy-duty CUBE compressor can run continuously under the most severe conditions of use. Furthermore, The ‘ES’ version includes a refrigerated dryer entirely enclosed within the main cabinet while maintaining the same shape and dimensions of the standard machine. The CUBE is available in floor-mounted, powder coated tank and galvanised tank models from 4 kW to 7.5 kW, and from 460 to 1,050 l/min air outflow rates.

Both the CUBE and MiniCUBE are plug-and-play systems. They come ready for use and already supplied with RotarECOFLUID mineral oil. Options include a heater that prevents the formation of condensate, maintaining adequate oil temperature during the compressor’s standby phase.

These high-efficiency, low-noise (65 dB(A)) compressors come with a three-year warranty to provide reliable performance and peace-of-mind for users that include machine builders, small manufacturers, automotive workshops, theme parks, car washes, farm workshops, wood yards, education establishments and many more.

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