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Expanded line-up of desiccant air dryers

Published:  21 February, 2022

HI-LINE INDUSTRIES, an established and reputable UK manufacturer of high-quality compressed air purification equipment, has announced it can now offer a fully featured range of desiccant air dryers. The company’s series of HPSA heatless dryers includes new standard models, the recently launched HPSA-CT (Carbon Tower) version, plus the bespoke HP-HPSA (High Pressure) model. As a result, Hi-line says it can fulfil the needs of any company that needs dry, clean compressed air or nitrogen, whatever the application.

The Hi-line HPSA (Heatless Pressure Swing Adsorption) series of desiccant dryers features proven technology developed and manufactured in the UK by the company’s expert engineering team working to approved engineering standards. These ‘plug and play’ units with digital control panels come skid-mounted with their own filtration package (pre- and after-filtration). Available for next-day delivery, all standard HPSA dryers use Dri-Zorb 27 desiccant media that delivers constant low dewpoints while consuming the lowest possible quantity of regeneration air.

In order to meet ongoing industry demand, Hi-line says it is constantly looking to expand its portfolio, recently enhancing the HPSA range with two smaller capacity models. The new HPSA 70 and HPSA 100 bring the total number of standard models to 12, with flow capacity from 75 to 1130 scfm (larger heatless dryers are available if required).

Hi-line says every HPSA model in the range is a fully automatic, IP65-rated, self-contained unit featuring HDC1 digital dewpoint controller, stainless steel pipework, independent switching valves, exhaust silencers and a one-year warranty on parts and labour. Options include the company’s AEMS - Automatic Energy Management System (with digital dewpoint readout, high-humidity alarm, and set and demand regeneration), dewpoint to -70°C, and automatic start/stop control.

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