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Future Oil & Gas confirms Advisory Board and 2020 agenda

Published:  11 February, 2020

The organisers of Future Oil & Gas have announced the 2020 Advisory Board and agenda for the 4th annual high-level conference and exhibition taking place at P&J Live in Aberdeen on 9-10 June 2020.

The conference and exhibition will bring together over 750 participants from the oil & gas industry, including operators, oil service companies, drilling and E&P companies; integrated solution providers, energy institutes & associations, academics, technologists and innovators – to discuss the impact of digital transformation within the oil & gas industry.

With Stuart Broadley FEI, Chief Executive Officer of the Energy Industries Council as Chair of the conference, the organisers have been working closely with the upstream community to determine the key issues that must be addressed and incorporate these into the 2020 conference agenda.

We welcome the support of the advisory board:

• Francisco Ortigosa, Director Innovation Technology, Corporate Division Technology and New Ventures, Repsol

• Chris Rivinus, Head of Digital Transformation & Group Head of Information Systems, Digital and Data Science, Tullow Oil

• Elisabetta Purlalli, SVP Head of Digital Competence Center, Change, Eni SpA

• Kaveh Pourteymour, Chief Information Officer, Neptune Energy

Over two days keynotes, panels, presentations and case studies will cover:

• Digital transformation landscape and future outlook

• Data Driven Operations, Applications & Benefits: How will the upstream oil & gas sector be transformed?

• Understanding the value machine learning generates for the upstream oil & gas sector

• AI and VR

• Edge Computing v Cloud Technology

• Energy Transition as part of the climate change agenda and solution

• Expanding capabilities of automation

• Corporate adaptation and change management

• Predictive maintenance tools to maximise efficiencies and reduce downtime

• Cybersecurity and protection of legacy systems

• 5G enabling digitalisation in the oil & gas industry. What are latest trends and opportunities while industry is going through significant transformation journey?

• And much more. See the full agenda

Francisco Ortigosa, Director Innovation Technology, Corporate Division Technology and New Ventures, Repsol said: “Digital transformation is reshaping our whole industry to increase the profitability of our business, reducing the global business cycle time and increasing efficiency, with faster and better oil exploration and production.

“Democratisation of technology, knowledge and data are the key elements brought by the transformation that will completely reshape a business that basically has remained unchanged for the last 30 years. This conference will be a showcase for all developments in these fields”.

Chris Rivinus, Head of Digital Transformation & Group Head of Information Systems, Digital and Data Science, Tullow Oil said: “Digital transformation is a team sport. Legitimate transformation is about everyone in the organisation taking a step forward in their understanding of the relationship between the processes they use and the tools that support them. It’s also about leadership creating an environment for their employees to experiment, and sometimes fail, in their attempts to adopt new tools to improve performance and efficiency.”

Elisabetta Purlalli, SVP Head of Change Management & Competence Center at Eni SpA said: “Digital is here to stay and requires a disruptive change. Pure technology applications without cultural change do not allow for a real transformation. To make it happen you need a cultural shift within your whole company at every level and age.

“If digital is not perceived as ‘normal’ in the daily activities the transformation will fail. Everybody’s contribution is essential like pieces of a very big puzzle. Digital transformation implies a digital journey for all employees where people are in the middle and decision making is based on data.”

Neptune Energy’s CIO, Kaveh Pourteymour, said: “It’s a hugely important time for our industry; we’re in a new age where digital technologies are helping to bring people together, bring minds together and provide platforms where we can solve challenges together.

“The ability to harness those technologies effectively to achieve your business objectives and to foster a culture within your organisation which encourages innovative ways of working and thinking – this is what can provide a company with a competitive edge, support its growth ambitions and help it become an employer and partner of choice. We are looking forward to developing an exciting two-day programme that explores these points.” #FutureOilGas #FOG2020

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