IndyRef: The Future Of The Oil & Gas Industry

Published:  11 January, 2019

"Scope of the inquiry The Scottish Affairs Committee investigates the future of the oil and gas industry. The Committee consider: 1) What challenges does Scotland’s oil and gas industry face, and how can they be addressed? 2) How can the economic return from Scotland’s oil and gas reserves be maximised? 3) What action is the UK Government taking to support the long-term future of the oil and gas industry in Scotland, and how effective has this been? 4) How well do the different stakeholders (UK Government, Scottish Government, companies) work together? 5) Does the current devolution settlement enable all stakeholders to support the sector? 6) How can Scotland maximise its expertise, technology and infrastructure in oil and gas industry to secure the industry’s future as reserves decline? 7) What support is needed from Government to maximise these opportunities?" Scottish Affairs Committee, 25 June 2018 Pete Wishart (Chair) Scottish National Party Deidre Brock Scottish National Party David Duguid Conservative Hugh Gaffney Labour Kirstene Hair Conservative Christine Jardine Liberal Democrat Ged Killen Labour (Co-op) John Lamont Conservative Danielle Rowley Labour Tommy Sheppard Scottish National Party Ross Thomson Conservative Witnesses: Colette Cohen, CEO, Oil & Gas Technology Centre Professor Paul de Leeuw, Director of the Oil & Gas Institute at Robert Gordon University Professor Alex Kemp, Professor of Petroleum Economics at University of Aberdeen & Director of Aberdeen Centre for Research in Energy Economics & Finance Willie Reid, Director, Strathclyde Oil and Gas Institute

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