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All-electric future

Published:  24 January, 2017

Saab Seaeye says electric robotic systems will perform all tasks in the underwater domain, including those now undertaken by hydraulic systems.

The company says it sees a future where ROVs and AUVs in their present form will cease to exist and are replaced by transformative e-robotics that can roam, hover, reside and perform all underwater tasks and it is a future where task resolution is key, not class of vehicle.

Saab says such tasks will include the heaviest in the subsea industry, tasks that electric systems and tools on the market today cannot yet undertake, but where the company sees rapidly advancing technology, innovative design and operational methods opening up an all-electric underwater world.

This will bring further significant savings, says director, Matt Bates, savings that are already here today as electric technologies bring considerable through-life cost economies.

Electric is also more effective, he contends, as an all-electric robotic system is up to 50% more efficient, and typically has double the power density of an electro-hydraulic system.


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