Subsea cleaning product line

Published:  15 January, 2016

Charles_c_1030_ROV_pic.jpgCharles Cleghorn reports it promotes CaviDyne LLC’s CaviBlaster subsea cleaning product line in the UK and Ireland and says the company has also undertaken CE accreditation work, thus opening sales into Europe for working actively within the EEU area.

CaviBlaster systems is said to use a patented super cavitating nozzle to achieve outstanding underwater cleaning performance, water is pumped through the nozzle at precise volume and pressure, and a plume is formed. The company says when these cavitation voids impinge on the fouled surface they collapse, releasing powerful shock waves that remove all hard and soft marine growth, however no damage is caused to the surface being cleaned, or to any anti-foul or foul release coatings, typical pressure for the nozzles is 150 bar.

Charles Cleghorn Ltd

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