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Tail gas analyser

Published:  18 February, 2015

Ametek.jpgAMETEK Process Instruments reports it has introduced its third generation H2S/SO2 tail gas analyser with significant reliability advances for control of the Claus sulfur recovery process. The company says new features of the Model 888 Sulfur Recovery Tail Gas Analyser overcome the three most common external failure modes encountered by Sulfur Recovery Units (SRU).

These include:

• Automatic flow control for proactive response to adverse process conditions such as liquid entrainment during SRU (sulfur recovery unit) turndown

• Flange temperature alarm to give early warning of poor steam quality or defunct steam trap to prevent sample flow failure

• Extended ambient temperature range to 60°C/140°F without external cooling to increase the life of electronics and allow installation in the hottest climates

Applications include: oil refining, gas, petrochemical and chemical refining, steelmaking and engineering procurement construction.

Safety advances include double-block process isolation and a web-enabled interface for remote data acquisition by Ethernet and Modbus.

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