Liquid cooling heat exchanger

Published:  02 December, 2014

Ametek_-_new.jpgAMETEK Rotron has introduced a compact liquid cooling heat exchanger assembly that can dissipate over 10 KW of heat in demanding shipboard, and industrial applications.

The company says the assembly mounts easily in the standard 19” (48.26 cm) racks used for many kinds of electronic equipment and it can support any installation with a liquid cooling loop.

Copper nickel heat exchanger cores are paired with Rotron AXIAX vaneaxial blowers to dissipate heat from the electronic rack to the water supply. The assembly is enclosed in a ruggedised 6U (10.5”) aluminum chassis designed for years of dependable service in harsh environments.

The assemblies can be customised for different input voltages, heat transfer, chassis mounting and military grade environmental requirements. Models with power inverters allow use of 400 Hz AC or DC fans and blowers for increased volumetric flow and pressure while maintaining compact size.

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