Published:  12 February, 2019

An energy storage system developed by OXTO Energy with experts from the Manufacturing Technology Centre (MTC) is set to change the way energy is stored. It allows non-polluting renewable energy to be stored, and then rapidly released when required.

Published:  01 February, 2019

Saab Seaeye,  manufacturer of electric underwater robotic vehicles has announced it is expanding its business operations with the appointment of Ryan Lumsden as business development manager.

Published:  03 January, 2019

Published:  19 December, 2018

Published:  07 December, 2018

Published:  07 September, 2018

Alpha Process Controls reports it has achieved a globally-recognised standard for its Marine Emergency Release Coupling, which demonstrates the safety-integrity and reliability of the technology.

Published:  27 July, 2018

Planet Earth is made up of 71% oceans. NOAA’s National Geophysical Data Center estimate that to be 321,003,271 cubic miles of water within these vast areas.

Published:  29 June, 2018

Published:  18 May, 2018

Published:  26 January, 2018

Published:  11 January, 2018

Published:  05 January, 2018

Published:  23 November, 2017

Published:  15 September, 2017

Published:  31 August, 2017

Published:  21 September, 2016

Published:  23 August, 2016

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