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Under deck insulation system

Published:  11 April, 2014

With the growth of offshore platforms operating in extreme environments, the need for under deck insulation systems that can cope with a combination of condensation, ice build-up, extreme heat and high humidity above the cellar deck is becoming paramount.

Approved systems are designed to provide a number of operational and safety functions including thermal insulation, jet-fire protection, blast resistance systems and impact resistance to withstand wave slam and ice build-up.

To achieve these requirements a traditional combination of as many as four different systems was required, typically resulting in significant weight implications.

To address these handling problems, Advanced Insulation a leading provider of technical coatings including its syntactic phenolic resin-based foam insulation and fire protection systems has applied its ContraFlame technology to develop a lightweight under deck system that provides weight savings of up to 60% compared with traditional systems.

The ContraFlame Under Deck Lightweight solutions also provide integrated thermal insulation, passive fire protection, blast resistance and noise reduction in a single certified system.

Advanced Insulation

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