Compliant clamp technology

Published:  01 October, 2015

Advanced_Insulation.jpgAdvanced Insulation – specialists in the design, engineering and manufacture of floatation and buoyancy solutions for the marine and offshore sectors – reports it is launching a new range of distributed buoyancy modules (DBM) featuring the company’s latest, patent-pending integrated clamping technology.

DBMs are designed to reduce tension and load strain on subsea risers and umbilicals, which act as a connecting interface between static structures on the seabed and dynamic floating structures on the surface. Insulated or multi-layered subsea risers have softer outer surfaces, so traditional clamping methods that use stiff/rigid materials cannot grip without slippage or, through the use of higher clamping forces, damage the riser itself.

Advanced Insulation says its new range of DBMs feature a unique, patent-pending clamping technology that is designed to adapt to the specific needs and conditions of a riser’s operation and eliminate slippage throughout its operational lifespan.

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