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Maintenance innovation shines through

Published:  10 July, 2024

Having attended Maintec at the NEC on 5-6 June as part of Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024, it was evident that there was a considerable amount of new technology and educational content on display.

Maintec specifically offered an in-depth look into the latest advancements in maintenance engineering technology for the industrial sector. Readers of Plant & Works Engineering would have found much of interest across these events, including the adjoining Smart Factory Expo, Air-Tech, Fluid Power & Systems, and Drives & Controls Exhibition.

The last couple of years has seen Maintec change significantly. Most notably when it was brought into Smart Manufacturing and Engineering Week which has placed maintenance engineering and asset management alongside the technologies and issues driving the other events such as Smart Factory Expo. The fruition of these changes were on display at this year’s event.

Maintec as part of the wider Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week event addressed key issues facing professionals within manufacturing and engineering businesses today, regardless of their market sector. The events collectively focused on themes such as innovation, maintenance, supply chain management, sustainability, digital transformation, and the development of people and skills.

Overall, Maintec at Smart Manufacturing & Engineering Week 2024 provided a comprehensive platform for industry professionals to explore the latest technologies, share knowledge, and address the pressing challenges facing the sector. The events underscored the importance of maintenance in driving innovation, improving efficiency, and fostering sustainable practices. However, discussions at the show highlighted how the forthcoming election could shape the landscape for manufacturing and engineering industries in the UK for the next 5 years and we may see potentially significant shifts, depending on the policies of the newly elected government. Potential changes in trade policies, funding for technological advancements, and regulations around sustainability and digital transformation could either bolster or challenge the sector. Industry leaders and associations will need to closely observe the new administration’s approach to support and develop the manufacturing and engineering sectors. The outcomes of the election could influence future events like Maintec, shaping the themes and priorities to align with the new political and economic context.

Aaron Blutstein

Managing Editor

Smart Machines & Factories

Plant & Works Engineering

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