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Precise and reliable pressure and temperature measurement

Published:  03 January, 2024

Precise and reliable pressure and temperature measurement is a critical requirement across a wide range of process applications such as the oil and gas energy industries, along with water & wastewater supply, chemicals, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning. The use of pressure instruments across these types of applications is increasing and coupled with the fact that pressure is the second most measured process variable (after temperature), means that millions of measurements are recorded every year. So what is today’s most widely used and proven device which meets these critical requirements?

Originally invented in 1835 by Eugene Bourdon the ‘Bourdon Tube’, also known as the Bourdon gauge, is a proven mechanical device which measures and indicates pressures of liquids and gases. From the first prototype device Bourdon has become an established global manufacturer offering a constantly evolving range of innovative pressure and temperature instruments.

Sensors and instrumentation specialist BAUMER offers the original Bourdon tube method gauge which is readily available from a stock of around 1000 common pressure and temperature instruments. This comprehensive product portfolio is manufactured with high vertical integration along with industry-leading technologies and so meets the objective of delivering sustainable and reliable solutions. So what are the three main purposes of these measurements? Firstly, the indication of pressure at a distance, pressure control on control loops and increasingly monitoring pressure thresholds in automated and robotic processes.

The Baumer range of pressure gauges includes; industrial gauges, utility pressure, contact pressure, solid front, capsule pressure, absolute pressure, process pressure and diaphragm gauges. Also, differential pressure gauges; with capsule, bellow and differential cell options. All gauges are supplied with local and international support along with the relevant certification.

Also available are products for IoT applications, including mechanical safety pressure gauges with up to 10km wireless communication, more here:

In conclusion, Baumer offers customers; extensive stock availability of over 1000 variants of pressure gauges, thermometers and accessories available immediately, along with over 500 variants of the best-seller MEX3 and MEX5 pressure gauges.

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