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Reduce maritime emissions and boost performance with marine and offshore solutions from Danfoss

Published:  21 December, 2018

Our seas carry 80% of global trade as 125,000 commercial and naval vessels operate around the world. By 2050, emissions are projected to rise up to 250% unless the marine sector acts now. Danfoss solutions can help operators meet the stringent IMO targets of 85% reduction of sulfur by January 2020. And vessels can achieve 30% more energy efficiency by employing Danfoss hybrid propulsion systems which enable peak shaving and store excess power for on-demand release to the grid at a later point. These Danfoss solutions help the maritime industry to reduce emissions, improve safety, boost performance and increase efficiency: APP high-pressure pumps, iSave energy recovery devices, electric AC drives controlling fans and motors to improve efficiency and reduce emissions, inverters and permanent magnet motors, PVG proportional valves for control of hydraulic equipment, pressure and temperature sensors monitoring ships’ engines, electric motors reducing energy consumption and emissions. Emission sensors measuring SO2 NOx and NH3 can be connected to a variable frequency drive to control the scrubber. SEMCO SEM-SAFE® fire fighting systems make vessels safer, blanketing fires with water mist.

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