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Do you know where your gas comes from?

Published:  10 October, 2018

You’ve probably never given a second thought as to where the gas we use to spark up the hob actually comes from. With 67 billion cubic metres of gas consumed across the UK in 2015 alone, the nation certainly uses their fair share of the energy source.

However, it’s not all created on British shores — as home and business gas suppliers Flogas finds out…

Although you’ll be bubbling to know where our gas comes from, it’s important to understand the extent to which we need this source of energy. Figures released by British Gas found that 80% of 25 million homes across Britain were powered by gas. On top of this, it was estimated that about a quarter of electricity used throughout the nation was in fact being generated by gas-fired power stations. Knowing the above, gas is critical to our daily lives.

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