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Supermajors confirm support of Gastech Exhibition and Conference in Tokyo

Published:  22 March, 2017

All of the world’s largest oil companies (Supermajors) will be in attendance at next month’s Gastech Exhibition and Conference, the largest industry gathering this year. The event will be an important platform for industry experts to explore and address the difficult and controversial topics facing the sector, and will be the stage for networking and deal-making amongst the key players in established and emerging energy markets.

Gathering to discuss the topics that are at the forefront of the energy sector, the world's biggest names will sit side by side to debate issues around the future of the LNG industry. Business heads including ExxonMobil president Robert Franklin, vice chairman Michael K. Wirth from Chevron, Qatargas CEO Khalid bin Khalifa Al-Thani, total chairman and CEO Patrick Pouyanné, and Ryan Lance CEO of ConocoPhillips, will gather to discuss the changing global market. The Supermajors that will be in attendance represent not only the world’s most valuable company (ExxonMobil) but energy businesses with a combined market value of over $1 trillion.

Following the Paris Energy Agreement, which addressed global climate change, and made it legally binding for nations to strengthen their global environmental efforts, there has been a worldwide transition to cleaner forms of energy. This shift towards renewable energy sources, is changing the energy composition and the purchasing habits of a significant number of countries.

Whilst the Supermajors of the past were defined by the scale of their operations, the Supermajors of the future will be defined by the quality of their operations and their ability to diversify successfully in today’s modern climate. Gastech 2017 will be the platform for energy businesses to not only explore imperative topics, but to network and secure partnerships and deals.

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