New range of Ethernet switches

Published:  27 September, 2016

VIPER_112A-T5G.jpgTo meet the growing need for more capacity in train communications networks, Westermo has announced it has introduced a new generation of Ethernet train switches that provide highly robust networks to support many end devices and high data rates.

Specifically designed for train applications, the wide range of interoperable Viper switches can deliver reliable and versatile solutions for train networks, enabling optimal configuration for every need.

Based on the previous well proven and highly popular train switches from Westermo, the new models provide a range of 12 and 20 ports standard Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet and PoE (Power over Ethernet) variants as well as additional routing functionality to enable the connection of subnets and improved overall network performance.

Westermo says the Viper is available with up to 5 gigabit ports to meet the need for connectivity of gigabit end devices, such as WLAN access points and network video recorders. Simultaneously, lightning fast failover on gigabit ring ports can be achieved.

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