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50 years of securing power

Published:  21 September, 2016

160721_FacebookHeader_pic1_RGB.jpgAEG Power Solutions, a global vendor of power supply systems and provider of industrial power supply and renewable energy solutions, says it is inaugurating its celebration campaign of the company’s 50th anniversary in the Netherlands.

In the Netherlands, the company originated from the industrial battery background of the group. It began on May 26th 1966 as an import company and later, Nife subsidiary and production site, for rectifiers, inverters and UPS. Nife Accumulatoren B.V. was founded from Koopmans & Co initially for business with the Dutch Rail Way and the Dutch Royal Navy. The company began with 11 employees originally selling batteries (NiCd batteries with chargers, imported from Sweden) for on-board rail applications and switch gear as well as batteries for naval shipping. Nato stock numbers from that period are still ordered to this day.

When Nife was acquired by Saft Power Systems, the more recent part of its history began, as some year’s later, Saft Power Systems and AEG Power Supply Systems merged forming what is today known as, AEG Power Solutions.

AEG Power Solutions says its competence in the application of AC and DC technologies has made it an expert in securing highly reliable power to all types of critical applications, ultimately protecting people, assets and data and today, AEG Power Solutions operates and directly serves customers in 17 countries.

AEG Power Solutions     

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