New design for subsea basket

Published:  16 August, 2016

Stackable_at_Sea_basket.jpgA fabrication company, Quayside Fabrication, reports it has come up with a creative design for subsea baskets, which means they can now be stacked and secured on a vessel whilst at sea. The company says the newly named ‘Stackable at Sea’ subsea baskets will save on valuable deck space and bring huge savings with fewer trips to sea for oil companies.

The subsea baskets have been designed specifically to withstand movement on board a vessel in rough seas. The new features incorporate four bumper posts, which act as an aid to stabilise baskets during manoeuvres and prevent movement and damage. Once stacked, a special locking mechanism is fixed to secure the baskets in place.

David Duncan, director at Quayside Fabrication comments: “We have been working on this new design of subsea baskets for over six months and we are delighted that we have come up with a solution that works perfectly. We have worked closely with one of our clients to overcome obstacles and to test the final product and we are really excited with the result. It will save a lot of money and time and it creates a highly efficient process that can easily be adopted by vessel owners and service companies. We’re looking forward to rolling the baskets out to our clients and to the industry.”

Quayside Fabrication          

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