Protection for sea water pipelines

Published:  12 August, 2016

Winn__Coales.JPGThe Barakah Nuclear Power Plant being constructed in Abu Dhabi UAE is part of the Gulf Cooperation Council's (GCC) nuclear power program due to be completed by 2020. The new power plant owners required a coating to line the sea water intake pipes. The consultant in charge wanted a coating which exhibited excellent abrasion and erosion resistance, good permeation resistance, undercutting resistance and that performed well in the corrosion environment of marine applications.

After discussion with local Denso agent Bin Moosa & Daly and also viewing numerous successful case histories showing similar applications, Archco-Rigidon Rigspray was chosen for the project.

Normally used on steel oil rig legs and riser pipes etc as an outer coating, Archco-Rigidon is said to be well suited to give long term protection to steel in marine environments.

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