Accident prevention in the offshore industry

Published:  28 July, 2016

1459875208136.jpg‘Human and organisational factors’ are now said to be widely recognised as a significant causal contributor to major industrial accidents. However, initiatives to address risks arising from human and organisational factors have only recently been developed in the oil and gas industry.

In light of this, a RAND Europe study, commissioned by TOTAL E&P Research and Development, looked at academic insights and industry approaches to ‘human and organisational factors’ in major accident prevention in the oil and gas sector.

Amongst other factors,the research found:

• Despite recognition that ‘human and organisational factors’ are the main cause of major industrial accidents, studies still attribute 80 per cent of accidents to human error.

• Organisations that focus on ‘human error’ as a cause of accidents can lead to employees not reporting errors due to a fear of being blamed.

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