High-accuracy radar instrument

Published:  15 March, 2016

Endress__Hauser.jpgEndress+Hauser has announced, what it says is, the world’s first radar with a transmission frequency of 79 GHz for level measurement in liquids. The company says the new Micropilot NMR81 for high-accuracy custody transfer applications is certified by independent test authorities to an accuracy of ±0.5mm and the sharply focused microwave beam angle ensures safe and reliable measurements without any interfering signals even in narrow tanks with baffles.

Endress+Hauser says being the technology leader in process instrumentation, it regularly sets standards in level measurement instrumentation. The new 79 GHz radar is the newest innovation, providing a solution for even the most sophisticated level measurement applications in liquids. Micropilot NMR81 utilizes 79 GHz technology to generate a narrow beam angle of 3° or 4°. Measurements are substantially more reliable even in narrow tanks because the radar beam avoids obstacles such as baffles on the tank walls, and is thus unhindered by interfering signals.

Furthermore, taking measurements right at the bottom of very tall tanks is easier because the beam does not hit the tank walls prematurely. Installation relatively close to the tank wall is possible with the narrow beam angle. The technology permits very long measuring ranges of up to 70 meters. In custody transfer, the instrument measures up to 30 meters with an accuracy of ±0.5mm.

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