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Port repair and inspection kit

Published:  31 July, 2015

EDV_-_Port_Repair_Kit.jpgEDV says its new port repair and inspection kit is the innovative, fast and highly cost-effective solution for the repair of damaged autoclave type cones, SAE, JIC rupture, bespoke head units and other various ports.

The demanding standards involved with medium and high pressure containing ports means the piping systems and components they are machined into are high risk pieces of equipment.

EDV says the recent success that it has achieved with the launch of its specialised 'one hit' custom-designed port tooling for the oil and gas industry has lead it to develop a unique and easy-to-use, manual or battery powered port repair and inspection kit.

Should a port suffer damage during installation, maintenance or at any stage of the component's life, the repair kit can bring the seat detail back to its original standard, ensuring a quality seal face.

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