Protecting workers operating systems

Published:  31 July, 2015

smith_flow_control.jpgTo prevent accidents when opening couplings under pressure, Smith Flow Control says it has introduced Bajolock patented couplers to its product portfolio. Bajolock couplers are said to be ideal for use in a wide range of industries where it is common for pipes and systems to be under pressure when couplings are opened.

It is often hard to determine the residual pressure in the system, and using conventional couplings can be dangerous. With Bajolock, pressure is caught and automatically equalised; any potential harmful residue material is discharged away from the operator. Bajolock can then be uncoupled easily and safely with a simple twist. It is reported to be interchangeable with existing, similar couplers. The coupler is said to be ideal for a wide range of applications including oil and gas and petrochemical.

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