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Total flange protection

Published:  11 June, 2015

belzona.jpgIn June 2014, the plant maintenance manager of a chemical plant contacted Belzona requiring an alternative flange corrosion protection solution. The plant had a 52" flange on a vessel connecting to outlet piping that needed corrosion protection. The flange was affected by crevice corrosion.

Previously, a protection solution consisting of a fiberglass system was used, but the client was looking for an alternative more cost-effective protective solution that allowed for a simple installation, was suitable for all flange sizes and shapes, and permitted easy access for inspection purposes. Belzona 3411 (Encapsulating Membrane) was recommended, which offered full corrosion protection and excluded any moisture.

The application was carried out by the plant personnel in accordance with Belzona’s application procedures. The customer saved several thousand dollars over the previous fiberglass system with easier installation. When maintenance or inspection is required, the system can be simply cut open. The membrane will then be peeled back, exposing bolts and flanges. Once the required maintenance has been completed, the membrane will fold back to its original position and can be sealed with a further quantity of Belzona 3411.

The unit was inspected 90 days after installation and it looked as good as it did on day one, and was revisited in April 2015 and the protection was still in perfect condition.

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