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Test and flush flow-lines

Published:  16 April, 2015

hughes_pumps.jpgTwo flushing and testing systems, manufactured and supplied by UK specialist Hughes Pumps, are said to be proving the integrity of flexible flowlines being laid to the seabed in up to 2,200m water offshore in Brazil’s Campo Basin.

A Hughes Pumps flexible line hydrostatic test and chemicals injecting system (HTCIS) is being used to pressure test the integrity of flexible lines before oil is pumped through them, with a flushing and hydrostatic test unit (FHTU) being used to flush and pressure test umbilical’s integrity before they are connected to subsea control valves. Hughes Pumps reports it has more than 30 years experience delivering exceptional performance and reliability to the offshore oil and gas industry in some of the harshest environments imaginable.

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