Process control and ATEX compliance

Published:  04 February, 2015

ABB.jpgThe challenge of matching low voltage AC motors and AC drives for use in hazardous environments within the chemical, oil and gas industries has reportedly been overcome by ABB’s ATEX-approved motor-drive package.

Because few manufacturers make both motors and variable-speed drives, it is a major concern to the industry when searching for combinations that are ATEX approved. Furthermore, when controlling motors in potentially explosive atmospheres, it is important to be aware of the effects an AC drive has on the operating conditions of a motor, compared to direct-on-line operation.

For these reasons ATEX directives call for extra attention to be given when an Ex motor is used with an AC drive. Usually only the motor and driven load are installed in the potentially explosive atmosphere, with the drive being installed in a safe area. By choosing an ABB ATEX package, the company says end-users can be confident that the motor and drive combination is optimised for their application and that surface temperature limits have been tested and verified at an ABB laboratory rather than on site with a customer’s own test equipment.

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