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New low profile linear now CE compliant

Published:  02 December, 2014

dialight.jpgDialight a leader in LED lighting technology, has revealed the new low profile linear with CE compliance. Delivering up to 7,000 lumens at 106 lumens per watt, the energy efficient, low maintenance luminaire is said to provide a perfect lighting solution for low ceiling applications and areas where a greater level of clearance is required.

Dialight says with its slim design and low weight, the new linear is easy to install, and its new through wiring capability means it is suitable for even more applications. The solid-state luminaire is resistant to water, salt, dust and vibration, reported to provide an ideal solution for indoor and outdoor industrial applications. Featuring a T4 temperature rating, the company says the luminaire can operate in ambient environments ranging from -40°C to 65°C and it is L70 rated for more than 100,000 hours. This, in addition to Dialight’s 5 year full-performance warranty, can drastically reduce maintenance burdens and cost and the safety risks associated with accessing hard-to-reach areas. The availability of a secondary retention bracket provides additional safety and peace of mind.

“Dialight is constantly looking to improve product offerings to address the needs of our customers,” said Roy Burton, Dialight’s group chief executive. “With the LED linear’s new slim design and reduced fixture weight, it is not only easier to install but also suitable for areas where greater clearance levels are required to avoid obstructing ongoing processes.”

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