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Oil & Gas UK congratulates new Scottish First Minister

Published:  25 November, 2014

Nicola Sturgeon has become the leader of the SNP and First Minister of Scotland. Oil & Gas UK’s chief executive Malcolm Webb congratulated her on her appointment: “We congratulate the First Minister on her appointment and look forward to working alongside Nicola Sturgeon and her administration in securing the future of our offshore oil and gas industry.

“With up to 24 billion barrels still to be recovered, there should be a strong future for the North Sea. To ensure our sector remains a driving force in Britain’s economy, we look forward to working alongside the UK and Scottish Governments to maximise recovery from the UK Continental Shelf through fiscal, regulatory and industry measures which make good economic sense.

“The Scottish Government is responsible for many of the business powers affecting our members in Scotland. Almost half of the jobs supported by the oil and gas industry are in Scotland, and Aberdeen is widely regarded as the oil and gas capital of Europe. I look forward to meeting with the First Minister, to discuss this vitally important sector.”

Oil and gas provides some 70% of the UK’s total primary energy, a figure which, according to the Department of Energy, will remain unchanged at least until 2030. Currently the UK offshore industry supplies 50% of this requirement. The industry organisation says it is vital this indigenous contribution is maximised and imports are minimised.

The offshore oil and gas industry will remain hugely important for the UK for many years to come, not only through it’s economic contribution and through providing a secure energy supply, but by supporting jobs in Scotland and throughout the UK.

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