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Algy Cluff: UK Government 'Deranged' Energy Security Policy

Published:  21 December, 2016

Oil & Gas exploration veteran and CEO of Cluff Natural Resources, Algy Cluff talks exclusively to Offshore Post on the UK's Energy Security -- Watch the full video -- Exclusively At Offshore Post:

-- Transcript --

Declan - And that's your pitch to them, one of energy security; that it's better for Britain to use British Gas than to import gas from overseas?

Algy Cluff - Precisely. We’re in a very vulnerable position. It's difficult to conceive how we actually got to the position we’re in to be frank. 

And a measure of the deranged almost, nature of our energy policy - particularly as it was constructed by the coalition government - is manifested in the intended construction of the biggest offshore wind farm in the world on the Dogger Bank. Happily it hasn't started yet and hopefully it never will. 

It will not involve a single British company, will sanitise some outstanding gas geology which the private sector would drill, and which would involve the subsidy from £5-£6 billion before it makes a profit, if it ever does make a profit.

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