How UK businesses will power through Brexit

Published:  16 May, 2019

A competitive and reliable energy deal is vital for running a successful business. It helps keep overheads low while productivity is high, which creates a profitable business. But with the UK (potentially) eventually leaving the European Union, what concerns are there to be had over energy supplies for UK businesses? After all, the UK has become very reliant on the energy being imported from abroad, including EU countries such as The Netherlands and France.

Brexit has the potential to rock the energy network if we don’t gain some form of energy trade deal. Higher costs and power shortages are just some of the complications that could arise.

There are also concerns over how leaving the EU will change the UK’s green energy goals. Without the EU, the UK would no longer be legally tied to the climate change targets set by the Union.

Flogas, suppliers of LPG gas tanks, outlines how businesses can prepare for the potential energy cost of Brexit.

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