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Oil & Gas UK launches good practice guide for reviewing maintenance regimes

Published:  01 September, 2016

A new publication launched by Oil & Gas UK, “Maintenance Optimisation Reviews: Sharing Experience and Learning” will contribute to industry efforts to promote improvements in major accident hazard management and operational efficiency on offshore oil and gas installations.

Mick Borwell, Oil & Gas UK’s HSE policy director said: “The industry’s focus on ensuring the continued safety of offshore operations means equipment maintenance must be carried out to the highest standards. Maintenance regimes are subject to regular review to ensure they remain fit-for-purpose and enable operators to continue safely operating equipment and achieve their business objectives. By capturing the experience of specialists in maintenance and asset integrity, we believe this document will improve awareness of how the industry can optimise maintenance reviews to deliver safe, reliable and sustainable operations and contribute to tackling the backlog in safety critical maintenance.”

Technical specialists from a number of Oil & Gas UK’s member companies, who have been successful in delivering improvements and reducing backlog, have been involved in developing the document. The document provides examples of good practice in how to implement structured reviews of safety and business critical equipment maintenance as well as, two practical case studies.

Borwell added: “We appreciate the opportunity to share with the wider industry the expertise of those companies who contributed to this document, which we believe will support robust and effective maintenance optimisation reviews. Promoting improvements in maintenance remains a key focus for the industry in its efforts to maximise economic recovery from the UKCS. The intention is to monitor uptake of the document and the ongoing effectiveness of efforts in this area, using key performance indicators to track progress in reducing the maintenance backlog.”

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