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Published:  27 April, 2017

GMB Scotland has warned the Scottish Government that meeting the energy challenges of the future without recognising the contribution of domestic natural gas production is ‘pie in the sky politics’.

Published:  05 April, 2017

Craig International reports it has signed a five-year procurement contract for all Premier Oil’s maintenance and repair operations in the UK North Sea. The contract, which could be worth up to £5 million, will see Craig International’s UK office work alongside its global network on all aspects of the procurement process – from sourcing to logistics – to ensure the most cost-effective service possible.

Published:  17 March, 2017

Enhanced qualification testing of industrial technologies in simulated environmental conditions will be provided following investment by a North East engineering company in new test equipment designed to boost services and capabilities.

Published:  03 March, 2017

Specialist oil and gas & marine services firm OEM Group reports it has welcomed Mike Macleod on board as its new finance director as part of the company’s growth strategy which aims to see its turnover increase by 25% to £3 million in the next 12 months.

Published:  20 February, 2017

Saab Seaeye says the most successful underwater robotic vehicle of its class in the world, the Saab Seaeye Falcon, is on permanent display at the Offshore Experience Exhibition in Rotterdam. The exhibition is said to be the first in Europe to offer an insight into the current state-of-art technology used in the oil, gas and wind energy sectors at sea, and provides a setting for innovative courses, research and education.

Published:  17 February, 2017

Flow-Technology, a UK based engineering facility in Brighouse, West Yorkshire, says it is once again showcasing its product range at Southern Manufacturing 2017, stand number Q61, and says for over 30 years it has supplied various types of stainless steel and high nickel alloy components to the oil and gas, power (nuclear and renewables) chemical, pharmaceutical, cryogenic and food industries.

Published:  03 February, 2017

Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME), a premier international energy futures and commodities exchange in the Middle East, has reported a new open interest record of 40,505 lots for its flagship Oman Crude Oil Futures Contract following January trading 2017 activity. Equivalent to 40.5 million barrels of Omani crude oil, the latest figure is said to surpass the previous open interest record of 31,492 lots set on January 27, 2016.

Published:  26 January, 2017

Trelleborg Sealing Solutions says for the first time, test certification for almost 30 of its best-in-class materials for the oil and gas market has been made available online, enforcing the company’s commitment to quality and safety credentials.

Published:  15 December, 2016

A rising number of UK operator companies are said to be demonstrating their commitment to working smarter by signing up to two initiatives designed to reduce the legal and commercial complexity of offshore operations. As a result of collaboration between UK operators, supported by Oil & Gas UK and the Oil and Gas Authority (OGA), increasing take up of new Standard Study Agreement and an updated Commercial Code of Practice should help the sector’s drive to improve the efficiency of businesses across the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS).

Published:  08 December, 2016

The oil and gas industry has ‘cleared the first hurdle’ in its drive for better collaboration but there is still more work to be done, according to a new survey by Oil & Gas UK and Deloitte. The ‘UKCS upstream supply chain collaboration survey’ asked British and Dutch operators and suppliers about their experiences working alongside other companies operating in the North Sea.

Published:  30 November, 2016

State-of-the-art ultrafiltration technology which is said to cut costs, minimise space and reduce chemical use was recently showcased by oil and gas company Fjords Processing at a major industry conference. The company says its compact and innovative multi-element vessel (MEV) design successfully completed qualification testing in Australia this year. 

Published:  29 November, 2016

As part of HTL Group’s continued growth, HTL Group Scotland has announced the appointment of a new business manager, Marc Gerrard and says Marc joins HTL with a very strong 22 years’ background in rentals, sales, maintenance and management within the oil and gas arena.

Published:  29 November, 2016

Monitoring tubing and casing pressures from wellheads can help operators optimise well production while gaining a better understanding of long-term performance. Feedback can also provide valuable information about well safety. Wellkeeper Inc, a pioneer of reliable and affordable remote monitoring solutions for independent oil and gas operators, has announced it is specifying the SignalFire Remote Sensing System in its remote monitoring solutions for tracking tubing and casing pressures in the oil field.

Published:  17 November, 2016

A new report forecasts a gradual but steady rise in offshore oil and gas decommissioning in the UK and Norway over the next ten years, with activity growing from a market worth over £2 billion in 2015.

Published:  17 November, 2016

Frontera Resources Corporation, an independent oil and gas exploration and production company, has announced that its fully owned subsidiary Frontera Resources International has been chosen as winner of the bidding for exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Republic of Moldova.

Published:  04 November, 2016

Oil and gas work environments are inherently dangerous ones, especially when working at height is involved. Raphaël Dubois, fall protection manager at Honeywell Industrial Safety EMEA, looks at the main risks for oil and gas workers and the keys to accident prevention.

Published:  28 October, 2016

Heiko Luckhaupt, marketing manager, Industrial Division at RS Components, looks at repair and maintenance in the challenging environments of marine and offshore.

Published:  28 October, 2016

SANDVIK has announced it has recently inaugurated a new, state-of-the-art, fully automated ultrasonic testing facility for pipes to the oil and gas industry.

Published:  20 October, 2016

Following the launch of DNV GL’s service specification for Functional Safety Certification, which can be applied to all electronic or programmable systems with safety functions, the company has announced it has issued its first Functional Safety Certificate against DNVGL-SE-0141 to Rockwell Automation.

Published:  20 October, 2016

IHS Energy Strategic Report by Daniel Yergin and Elena Pravettoni. A new IHS Energy report disputes concerns by some central banks and regulators that climate change may pose “systemic risk” to the financial system.

Published:  27 September, 2016

Sulzer says its commitment to the oil and gas industry on the west coast of Australia has been boosted by significant investment in state-of-the-art equipment featuring progressive service capabilities in Australia.

Published:  21 September, 2016

An oil and gas wellstream processing company with a reputation for technological innovation reports it has launched the first phase of a global ‘augmented reality’ campaign and says it will deliver marketing, information and instructional benefits to the staff and customers of Fjords Processing.

Published:  14 September, 2016

In the marine, oil and gas sectors, components have to withstand harsh conditions and have to work effectively to reduce downtime and save costs. One aspect which can help to ensure this, is the use of the right lubricant. Klüber Lubrication says its speciality lubricants help to maximise the output of equipment and critical assets whether floating or fixed.

Published:  08 September, 2016

Embracing New Realities: Reinventing our Industry has been announced as the central theme for SPE Offshore Europe 2017 which will take place in Aberdeen from 5-8 September 2017.

Published:  08 September, 2016

SPE Intelligent Energy 2016 (IE16) took place in Aberdeen (6 to 8 September 2016) with a call to action by investors to avoid ‘bad’ capex cuts, improve transparency and create real value through innovation.

Published:  10 August, 2016

AISUS Offshore reports it has strengthened its team in Aberdeen as it continues to grow its UKCS position and gears up for significant overseas expansion. The company, which provides remotely deployed visual and ultrasonic inspection solutions to the global oil and gas industry says it is looking to double its turnover over the next three years through expansion both at home and abroad.

Published:  10 August, 2016

Gielle reports it has been a leader in fire fighting for 50 years and has announced its new installation on the base of Novec1230 fluid fire fighting system for extinguishing fires in engine rooms, pump rooms, transformer rooms and electrical rooms, for ship and offshore applications. The company says the Gielle fire fighting system can replace, without significant modifications, old systems using Halon, Halotron IIB, carbon dioxide and water mist on board ships.

Published:  13 July, 2016

Following a defiant statement from the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) that the North Sea is ‘Open for Business,' one UK hydraulics manufacturer has completed a deal to manufacture and supply a unit of eight hydraulic safety blocks to be used on oil rigs in the area.

Published:  08 December, 2015

Reliability is key to ensuring the success of ‘jackup’ operations in the oil & gas industry. With this in mind, leading provider of offshore drilling units Paragon Offshore turned to global drive technology manufacturer WEG to replace the electric motors driving its B391 jackup rig in the North Sea. WEG supplied Paragon with 58 highly reliable and energy efficient W22 motors to ensure a smooth and safe jackup process even in aggressive marine environments. ODEE reports.

Published:  27 August, 2015

As SPE Offshore Europe 2015 prepares to open its doors in Aberdeen from 8-11 September, the oil and gas industry can look forward to debating both the technical and people challenges facing the business today. ODEE reports.

Published:  27 August, 2015

During Offshore Energy 2015 in October at Amsterdam RAI, the main focus will be what the future of the industry will look like. And especially how the latest developments and opportunities can be improved upon efficiently. ODEE reports.

Published:  27 August, 2015

In an exclusive interview, Aaron Blutstein spoke to Luis Clement, Chicago Pneumatic (CP) Tools’ vice president about how the company’s values are at the forefront of technology development for the offshore oil and gas sector.

Published:  27 August, 2015

Schaeffler told ODEE it has been able to obtain its largest order for ELGES spherical plain bearings to date for the “Pioneering Spirit” (formerly "Pieter Schelte") working ship. Schaeffler is supplying a total of more than 240 bearings with outside diameters ranging from 400 to 1060 mm for the "topsides lift system", which is used for oil platform installations. ODEE reports.

Published:  27 August, 2015

In today’s economic climate of low oil prices and reduced demand, producers are under pressure to maximise the efficiency of their existing offshore assets by minimising maintenance, reducing costs, and maximising process availability. ODEE reports.

Published:  27 August, 2015

The current challenging conditions for the oil and gas sector, caused by the fall in oil price, has made it difficult to predict when the sector will become more upbeat, and when then price of oil will increase and stabalise at a higher rate than its current price of around 40 US Dollars a barrel. Different reasons have been given to explain this decline, the rate offered against demand is too high; the US Dollar’s value being too high hence affecting the price of the barrel; and investors minimising their shares in oil and gas companies.

Published:  30 June, 2015

With increased demands in the oil and gas industry to eliminate losses and optimise operations, while meeting safety and environmental regulations, engineers are reviewing their entire drive chain, from the mechanical components, including electric motors, gearboxes and drives, to the control and automation components, as well as electric panels.

Published:  21 May, 2015

Against a backdrop of proven capability, innovation and quality in subsea cable installation, Global Marine Systems Limited is making impressive inroads into the oil and gas market. With a rich history in underwater engineering dating back to the 1850s, the company has evolved to become a renowned name in the design, installation and maintenance of high speed fibre optic communications networks.

Published:  29 April, 2015

Steve Kirk, area manager at Harmonic Drive UK, looks at the technological challenges of exploration and extraction in remote regions of the world and how high precision gearing is being increasingly used to drill deeper.

Published:  29 April, 2015

A Stavanger-based provider of specialist well intervention services for the oil and gas industry - Ziebel AS - says for the first time in oil and gas history, a gravity-deployed slim carbon composite cable, was used to acquire meaningful Distributed Temperature and Distributed Acoustic fibre optic data during a commercial well intervention. ODEE reports.

Published:  29 April, 2015

A gas discovery in the Snefrid Nord prospect in the Norwegian Sea has been made by Statoil together with PL218 partners. The discovery is an important contribution to the Aasta Hansteen field development project and Polarled pipeline utilisation. ODEE reports.

Published:  29 April, 2015

The oil and gas industry is recognised internationally as one that continually strives to make worker safety a priority. Monitoring, evaluating, updating and improving the systems, processes and equipment used daily are critical elements of this. Stuart Turnbull, interim European sales director at Honeywell Safety Products, highlights the key safety issues to consider as part of the wider engineering and maintenance procedures carried out on platforms.

Published:  29 April, 2015

The changing shape of North Sea offshore workers over the last three decades is revealed in the findings of a ground-breaking high-tech study just concluded in Aberdeen. ODEE reports.

Published:  29 April, 2015

With reference to guidance provided in the book ‘Hydraulic Fluids – A Practical Guide’, Chris Buxton, CEO of the British Fluid Power Association, looks at the topic of fluid contamination in hydraulic systems such as those used on offshore oil and gas platforms, and how a diligent contamination monitoring strategy can help to keep this equipment running safely and efficiently while keeping downtime to a minimum.

Published:  29 April, 2015

The bid to create a standardised, self-contained offshore electricity generator for the wave industry has moved one step closer. ODEE reports.

Published:  27 February, 2015

One of the most popular works of Renaissance sculpture is Michelangelo’s David, a piece that has become synonymous with human strength and beauty. Despite its seemingly perfect proportions, a basic design flaw of the statue has recently been brought to light. Recurring micro-fractures in the ankles might cause the statue to collapse under its own weight.

Published:  27 February, 2015

It is normal practice to have at least two gas turbine generators on main platforms, with an additional standby generator for emergencies. While a typical gas turbine is rated up to 30 MW, the number and exact configuration depends on the degree of flexibility needed and how the platform operator plans to expand or further develop the facility. ODEE talks to ABB’s Anders Stiger, product manager, generators for steam and gas turbines, about what’s driving the development of offshore gas turbine based power generation and hear new ways to meet some perennial challenges.

Published:  27 February, 2015

For the offshore oil and gas industry, keeping abreast of changing regulations while maintaining the economic performance of the engine estate can be a challenge. ODEE reports.

Published:  27 February, 2015

Dr. Steve Lacey, engineering manager at Schaeffler (UK) Ltd, describes how the operational testing of wind turbine gearboxes can help to identify potential gear- or bearing-related problems prior to installation, saving the customer time, money and their reputation.

Published:  27 February, 2015

The marine environment is extremely harsh and delivering equipment capable of performing reliably and efficiently requires expert design engineers combined with advanced materials technology. Neil Wright, managing director of Wichita Clutch, assesses the requirements of modern marine clutches and brakes, which play such a crucial role in a variety of applications.

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